Cupid Arrow Candy – Valentine’s Day Treat

If you’re a regular follower here at Life is a Lullaby, you know that I love to share cute and fun crafts. Well today I’m sharing this adorable DIY cupid arrow candy. This treat is a perfect Valentine’s Day treat idea! And it also doubles as a fun kids craft for Valentine’s Day with the added bonus that the kids can eat a few after you’re done making them!

Cupid Arrow Candy - Valentine's Day Treat

Aren’t these just so fun and colorful? I especially like the rainbow part of the arrow. And what kid or adult doesn’t love rainbow sour belt candy? yum!

DIY cupid arrow candy

How to Make Cupid Arrow Candy

Here are the ingredients you’ll need to make the cupid arrow candy:

Supplies for Cupid Arrow Candy

Here are the steps needed to make your DIY cupid arrow heart: 

1. First, to make the feathers, cut the sour belts into 1 inch pieces. Then cut out a small triangle on one end and cut out the opposite triangle shape on the other (see below image for visual). To make the feathers, cut slits in between.

Step 1: Making Cupid Arrow Candy

2. Next you need to melt your pink candy melts in the microwave. Follow the package instructions.

PRO TIP: I find that if you microwave for less time and stir to melt you won’t overcook your candy melts. Start off with only 20 seconds and add 5-10 second increments to melt.

Step 2: Making Cupid Arrow Candy

3.  Once you have your melted candy melts, you can now dip in your pretzel sticks! If not too hot, this would be fun for the kids to do! Just make sure to check the temperature first yourself so they don’t burn their hands. Dip each pretzel stick and then place on parchment paper.

Step 3: Making Cupid Arrow Candy

4.  Now it’s time to add your arrow head and feathers! Add one of the gummy hearts and feathers to each dipped pretzel stick. Allow to dry for 10 minutes before picking up.

Step 4: Making Cupid Arrow Cand

5. For added fun, sprinkle some extra pink sprinkles on top!

Step 5: Making Cupid Arrow Candy


That’s it! Super simple right? I hope you enjoy making these fun Valentine’s Day treats with your kids!

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