Conversation Heart Cookies for Valentine’s Day

With Valentine’s Day coming up, I’ve been working on a ton of fun Valentine’s day crafts and fun treats – including these super cute conversation heart cookies! These sugar cookies are not only really tasty but they are so much fun too! The sky is really the limit here on what you can write on them too. I stuck to the more traditional wording, but you could get a little creative and be a bit more cheeky. ūüôā

Conversation Heart Cookies

These conversation hearts are really simple to make!

How to make the Conversation Heart Cookies

Supplies Needed:

-Baking ingredients to make your sugar cookies (I use the Joy of Baking recipe)

Letter cookie cutters

Heart Cookie Cutter

white fondant– I buy white and then tint it the color I want. I find this gives you the most flexibility to make different colors! And you can mix the icing color to make new colors (for example – I mixed pink and blue and made the purple)

Fondant icing color

Be Mine Conversation Heart Cookies

Directions to Make:

1. First you need to bake your sugar cookies. I personally like to use the Joy of Baking sugar cookie recipe. But you can also buy the store bought sugar cookie dough and work from there.  Once you have your dough, use a large heart cookie cutter to cut out your heart cookies for baking.

PRO TIP: You MUST refrigerate the cookie dough as per the instructions or your heart cookies will lose their shape (and look like a hot heart mess!). In addition, once you have cut out your cookies in heart, pop them back into the refrigerator for 15 minutes before baking. 

Baked heart sugar cookies

2. ¬†Now it’s time to tint your fondant for applying to the top of your cookies! As mentioned, I buy the plain white fondant and tint it using different icing colors. That gives you the most flexibility. Just apply a little but of icing color into a ball of fondant and knead until you get it to the color you’re looking for. Also, I matched the colors using real conversation heart candies!

Fondant for Conversation Heart Cookies

3. Once you have your colored fondant. Roll this out with a roller and get it to a thickness you are happy with. It’s pretty sweet, so I like to make thinner shapes however this does make it harder to transfer.

cut out fondant for conversation heart cookies

4. Now place on your cookies. In order to place them on your cookies. Brush a little bit of water on the cookie and then use a spatula to scoop up the heart and place on the cookie. Gently press down. You can also use a fondant smoother but I just used my hand. This is how all of my cookies looked after applying the fondant!

Fondant finished conversation heart cookies

5. Next, cut out your words and phrases using your letter cookie cutters. This is a bit tricky as the fondant can be a bit difficult to work with. Also, be careful and gentle with it and you should be able to transfer it to your cookie. Brush on a bit of water again on the back of each letter and gently press onto your cookie.

Cut out words for Conversation Heart Cookies

Finally, here are the finished conversation heart cookies! I think they turned out pretty sweet! And they are so much fun to make! These would be especially fun for kids to make because they can decide what words and phrases to put on the cookies.

Valentine's Day Conversation Heart Cookies

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